If you want a fitness class that will get you in superb shape while losing excessive body fat, Body Blend is the class and Annette is the instructor. As a triathlete, strength coach, and Certified Athletic Trainer, I understand what makes for a great class - a delicate balance of focused strength training, flexibility, heart rate elevation, core strengthening and sustained intensity. Body Blend at Vitality Fitness offers and delivers all of those key components. The class challenges you physically and mentally and with consistent participation, you will be able to sculpt and transform your body. From your arms to your stomach, your legs and your butt, Body Blend hits them all with amazing intensity. I can’t wait to take another class!
— Michael Dunn, PhD, Personal Trainer
I want to thank you because you do such a great job with me. You really have patience and help motivate me. And despite the fact that I feel huge from all of the excess [pregnancy] weight gain (and not in my stomach) I still have some confidence in my appearance. I know that it must be helping me and I am getting stronger. You’ve really made such a difference in keeping me motivated and I just wanted to thank you.
— Kim, Franklin Lakes, NJ
I have high regard for the valued service Vitality Fitness provides to our community. I want to express my sincere gratitude toward you and your staff for helping me greatly improve my level of fitness and overall well being over these past 10 months. I don’t believe any other business or organization could have achieved the results that Vitality has. I look forward to continued training.
— Doug Capeci, Wyckoff, NJ
Thank you so much for such a wonderful class that is so challenging yet very beautiful at the same time. One of the things that I love about your class is that it tones, strengthens and lengthens our bodies creating lean and strong physiques while preserving the beauty of a woman’s body.
— Kristen Walsh, Saddle River, NJ
I am a huge fan of Annette O’Neill and Body Blend exercise. I was introduced to this method of exercise 7 years ago, after the birth of my second son. Being athletic and physically fit, I am always open to try new activities. I was taken by this form of exercise immediately. My body has taken on a more toned and leaner muscle mass than when I worked out in a gym with heavy weights. More importantly, I have stayed more flexible and have improved both my look and tennis game! Ultimately, I have found the perfect match of mind and body exercise that has truly improved my quality of life. Thank you Annette.
— Jen Maita, HoHoKus, New Jersey
I began participating in Body Blend classes more than three years ago. This technique incorporates all the important elements of a great fitness program. The focus is on body alignment, strength, flexibility, increased tone and better posture. The instructors are highly motivated, offer individualized assistance, and are well-informed about technique and exercise physiology. The classes are challenging, but very helpful in reducing stress. The Body Blend technique appeals to people of all ages and levels of fitness. When you leave the class you feel that you’ve done something great for yourself!
— Susan First, MSW, LCSW, Wyckoff, New Jersey
I am so happy to be part of Vitality - it really is life changing!

... I have more confidence than when I started :)
— Kim Hiza, Franklin Lakes, NJ
The classes at Vitality Fitness are dynamic and fun. Each session reflects Annette’s personal zest for learning as she integrates the latest trends in fitness with her extensive knowledge of health and nutrition. You leave the studio feeling great mentally and physically and motivated towards a healthy lifestyle.
— Marie Zwerling, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
I have attended Annette O’Neill’s Body Blend class for over four years and have never felt stronger or been in better shape in my life. This exercise program is always rigorous with constant variations offering new fitness challenges. Instruction is highly personal and classes are dynamic and fun. This is a great program for the body as well as the mind.
— Christy Dittrick, Ridgewood, New Jersey
Ms. O’Neill has helped me on my way to a healthier life. In 7 months, I went from 189 to 155 lbs. I decreased my body fat. I went from a 36 to a 32 inch waist. I’m 5’ 6” and I’m now fit and energetic. She adjusts my eating habits as needed, and advises me on what to eat and how to exercise. I’m grateful for her guidance and advice.
— Joe Rieder, Pompton Plains, New Jersey
The Body Blend Fitness Class is not just a ‘Workout’ but a ‘Way of Life’. After experiencing my first workout more nine years ago, I knew instantly that I would become dedicated to this very special and personal form of exercise. Body Blend has changed my life. This workout is forever challenging! My body has become much more flexible, and I have a heightened sense of awareness of my body. I am pleased with my improved form, my posture, and my stride. As a result of the discipline this workout demands, I have greater confidence in myself. The discipline, concentration, and focus that are a part of working out on a regular basis have led to a change in my body and in my life. I guarantee you will see results! You will have grace in every step you take. If you have felt unable to overcome your personal limitations to exercise and fitness in the past, there is no need to worry because the instructors will always provide you with a modified way of doing a particular exercise. The classes are perfect in size so you are always guaranteed personal adjustments and corrections to your form. The individual attention makes the workout more effective in producing change in your body. When you enter into class for that hour you forget about everything and concentrate on only you. You leave feeling invigorated and stimulated, and with the ability to think more clearly and feel more in control of your life. It is easy to become dedicated once you see the results and once you do, you will want to bring someone you care about so they can experience this unique combination of exercises and stretches.
— Angela Maurio, Ridgewood, New Jersey
I have never found a workout/gym/fitness/life-affirming experience that even comes close to Vitality.” Bayne Belair, Ridgewood, New Jersey “Life altering. Annette, as well as the other staff at Vitality, are enthusiastic and love what they do. They always push you to go the extra mile within your own comfort zone. Whether it is a private instruction, a class, or a nutrition session, I HIGHLY recommend Vitality; it’s really not like any other place I’ve come across. I can honestly say that Vitality helped me make a lot of beneficial changes in my life; I have never felt so comfortable in my own body!
— Amanda Steckler, Saddle River, NJ
Being away at college makes it difficult to make healthy food choices. Going to Annette for nutrition counseling opened my eyes to all the healthy options I actually do have. Within one week I already began to feel so much better and so much healthier. I have much more energy and realized I don’t need as much coffeee as I used to. Annette is always there for me and willing to answer any questions I have about food or exercise. Not only did I recieve great nutritional counseling, but now I always have a wonderful personal support system :).
— Amanda Castellvi, DeSales University Nursing Student