Learning to maximize the power of balancing good nutrition, exercise, adequate rest, and stress management, can lead to a more youthful body, a more vibrant lifestyle, and a sense of inner peace.


Nutrition counseling sessions are a separate service available at Vitality and are scheduled by appointment in Ridgewood, N J and NYC. You do not have to exercise at the studio to schedule an appointment, although many nutrition clients find the atmosphere to be appealing, and have become regular faces in the exercise classes or opt for private exercise sessions.

Annette's nutrition practice focuses on a personalized, mindful, holistic approach to learning the secrets to healthy living. Together we will create an individualized program based on your unique lifestyle and demanding schedule to achieve long-term, sustainable results. While it is a very exciting time for the science of nutrition, it is also very confusing for most people to keep up with the latest trends. As we understand more and more about the benefits of wholesome eating, we are still faced with daily challenges to achieving healthier eating habits and behaviors. The counseling sessions are tailored for the individual and focus on what you can eat as opposed to “dieting” or drastic self-deprivation to lose body fat. A healthy body is not produced through supplements and the elimination of a food group such as carbohydrates (if only it were that easy!). Discovering the balance of food intake and exercise that works for you is a primary focus in weight management. Through exercise and maintaining muscle, the body uses a great deal of energy (calories), which in turn helps us maintain a higher metabolic rate. Nutrition knowledge leads to healthier food choices that can offer protective benefits to fight disease, slow the signs of aging, strengthen the immune system, and manage weight.

Annette has worked with adults and children of all ages in conjunction with their doctors and other specialists with excellent results - helping them obtain healthy weights, as well as healthy cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. She has helped athletes, individuals with disordered eating, diabetics, and other populations to gain, lose, or maintain weight in a healthy, individualized manner.

Undesirable learned behaviors can be modified or replaced with desirable behaviors. As a nutrition client, you are provided with nutrition education and a personalized program to achieve the results appropriate for you. Lifestyle changes are gradual and should last a lifetime.

When we eat and sleep well, we feel more energized and are more likely to be active and exercise. Exercise helps us to manage stress and maintain a healthy weight. One component leads to the other, creating the life-long pathway to well-being.


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