About Us


Exercise and good nutrition are vital to a healthy mind and body. A healthy lifestyle can begin at anytime in your life. Why not start now? Visit Vitality Fitness and embrace an exercise routine that produces real results and discover a nutrition and lifestyle approach that works.

Vitality Fitness offers the most "private" group barre and yoga classes in the area.  Offering the best in barre classes since 2002, Vitality is a small, inviting, and very private boutique exercise studio located in downtown Ridgewood, just a few minutes from HoHoKus, Saddle River, Glen Rock, Midland Park, Wyckoff, and Franklin Lakes. Our clients find the atmosphere to be highly professional and free of the intimidation and sub-par instruction that often accompanies memberships at larger health clubs, franchise studios and imitation pop-up barre studios. Barre exercise and Yoga classes are the challenging, total-body workouts offered at Vitality. Nutrition counseling by a Registered Dietitian is available by appointment. The human body is fascinating. Understanding the way it works in relationship to metabolism, fat, muscle, and weight management is the key to successfully changing your body.  Understanding the patterns of our behavior, the way we react to stress and our response to the tricks our mind plays on our emotions is the rest of it.  At Vitality we have a passion for helping others understand how to use what they have in their power, that being good nutrition, exercise and stress management, to achieve wellness goals to be healthier, more fit, and feel beautifully strong and confident in our bodies.